5 Questions you must ask your realtor before you
list your house for sale.

Written by: Vince Ohare
Posted 05 April,2005



5 Questions you must ask your realtor before you list your house for sale.

Your house is a major part of your life and when it comes time to sell it you need to get the best possible price. Here are some things to ask your prospective realtor before you list your house for sale.

1 How many homes have you listed and how many homes have you sold in the last 6 months? You are looking for a realtor that has experience with homes that are just like yours and from the same neighborhood. They can tell prospects about the schools, churchs etc.

2 Could you send me some info about yourself? You always need to do some research on someone that is listing your house. If they dont have promotional materials odds are they are not professional. If they avoid your request they will probably take a back seat when someone is looking to buy your home.

3 What is the average time when it comes to listing and actually selling a house? If they are moving houses too quickly they might not be getting the best prices that they can.

4 How long have you been in business? You always want someone with experience that is a no brainer.

5 Do you have assisants in case I need to get in touch with someone? Every real estate agent has assisants if they are serious about their work.

This is just a list to go by before you sell your house. Your main goal is to get the best possible price. If you want ask around your neighborhood or go to the local community meetings and ask around. Odds are someone in the room has bought a house in the neighborhood.


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