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Written by: James Frank
Posted 03 June,2006



Points to know about Realtors

Realtors are real estate agents or real estate brokers who are the affiliated members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). In the United States the term "realtor" is a registered trademark and encompasses agents, brokers and associates who are members of real-estate firms associated with the NAR. It is a service mark that has been used to identify the members of NAR. Though all realtors are brokers/salespersons, not all brokers/salespersons are realtors. The membership of the realtors makes it obligatory to adhere to the National Association of Realtors’ Code of Ethics. Realtors are trained and licensed to assist clients in the purchase and/or sale of their properties. Being agents and brokers, the realtors offer similar services and also earns from their clients in the form of commissions. However, being a realtor, a broker or an agent offers confidence to their clients dealing with them.

Functions of Realtors

The primary business of the realtors is marketing real estates. In addition, many of them also provide other services and expertise to potential customers, such as consultancy and negotiations. Realtors working as brokers are engaged in the business of finding sellers for those who want to buy real estate and finding buyers for those trying to sell real estate. They help their clients clinch a deal at the best possible price under the best terms. For most people, their home is their largest asset and also their largest liability. However, in the recent years there is a boom in the real estate market. The way the equity is growing in real estate, it has also emerged to be an excellent mode of investment. Investing in real estate can build your net worth quicker than nearly any other form of investment. This boom has expanded the scope and responsibility of the realtors greater than ever. Owing to the amount of money involved in buying or selling a real property, people now seek the services of realtors more than that of independent real estate brokers and agents. The volatility of the real estate industry has brought into daylight the risks involved in this sector.

Choose the right service from Realtors

Realtors offer more than one services related to real estates. While most of the realtors work both for the buyers and the sellers, some of them are specialized in working exclusively for either of them. In general, the services offered by big realtors include comparative market analysis of the real estate sector, facilitating purchase and sales, FSBO documentation preparation, full residential appraisal, consultancy services and Multiple Listing Services (MLS) marketing. In the United States the National Association of Realtors is the Self Regulatory Organization for real estate brokerage. The association also governs the Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) which are the information exchanges used across the nation by real estate brokers. Therefore, realtors have more responsibility in maintaining the confidence of consumers and investors on the real estate sector with their reliable services.





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