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Written by: James Frank
Posted 26 Oct, 2006



Services Offered by Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are the individuals and companies who facilitate buying and selling of real properties to their clients. Though their primary focus are related to the marketing of real estates available for sale, many real estate agents also offer renting and management services of houses, apartments, land and commercial properties. Real estate agents maintain extensive networks of brokers, agents and property dealers as well as databases of properties offered for sale and persons searching for real estates. These helps them to assist their clients in finding sellers for the clients interested to buy real estate and finding buyers for those trying to sell real estate. They help their clients in closing the deal at the best possible price under the best terms.

What makes a Real Estate Agent

In the United States a person or an organization working as real estate agent is required to obtain a license for practice. The rules define a licensed real estate agent as a professional who has obtained either a real estate salesperson's license or a real estate broker's license. The licensing rule provides immunity to the clients from being cheated by the unscrupulous agents. Though the agents commonly fill out the real estate contract form, they are not given the power of attorney to sign the real estate contract or the deed. These documents are to be signed by the respective principals. Real estate agents charge their clients in the form of commissions from the transaction process. In general, an agent can work both as buying and selling agent in different transactions, and conducts fiduciary duty to the clients. If the same real estate agent represents both the buyer and the seller, the agent is typically considered a dual agent. However, there are certain real estate agents who prefer working as a buyer’s or seller’s agent exclusively.

Making the Best Deal

If you are planning to sell your real estate, you can benefit by seeking services from a reputed real estate agent. Once entered into a contract, the agent will ensure that the real estate property is listed for sale to the public. Often multiple listing services are used for better results. Your agent will undertake the publicity works such as preparation of papers describing the property for advertising, pamphlets, and open houses to show the property. Prescreening the buyers regarding their financial status to be eligible as a buyer is also done by the real estate agents. They negotiate with the buyers in closing the deal successfully and also act as a fiduciary for their clients. If, on the other hand, you want to buy a property, you can approach a real estate agent who can help you find a real estate in accordance with your requirements, specifications, and affordability. Your agent will take you to show you the various properties available for sale. When deemed appropriate they also prescreening the buyers to ensure they are financially qualified to buy the properties shown. Once the property is selected the real estate agent negotiates the price on behalf of the buyers and prepares standard real estate purchase contract. Reputed real estate agents also offer absolute personal commitment and effective follow-up once the deal is over, and provide complete satisfaction to their clients.



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